Coffee Shop - Golden Soy Candle

Can't you just smell it? The awakening aroma of your favorite hometown coffee shop's blend? We can and it's delicious! There's always a need and more room for coffee, especially with our resealable containers!


We made this one for our Mom, who owns her own Coffee Shop in her home town down in South Carolina. If you get the chance, you should stop in for a cup of her amazing signature coffees or teas! See where we get it from? The link to her shop is at the bottom of this description if you're interested. 


Let the fragrances of our All Natural, Clean Burning, Signature Scented Soy Candles envelope you. We have worked diligently so that you can relax while our candles do the work. Our Scented Soy Candles are a true aromatheraputic experience! Exclusively from Cloudwell Artisan Products, Our All Natural "Blaze" Candles are made to burn clean with no danger from fumes to you or the enviroment commonly found in standard commercial parrafin wax based candles. Our candles are Hand-Crafted and made by us, for you, with Sustainably Harvested Pure Soy wax. They're safe, long lasting  and burn extreamly clean for about 18 hours with no harmful chemicals! 


Here's a link to Peggy's site ( Mom to us) to learn more about her store as well as her products.


Coffee Shop - Golden Soy Candle