Pick one of our soaps up. It’s heavy. It’s not for decoration, It’s for you. Our Soaps are the finest quality locally made cold pressed soap you can get. Our Herb Infused, Cold Pressed Soaps offer an unrivaled all naturall exfoliating clean. Available now in your favorite scent!

Feel the quality everytime you use one of our soaps. Enjoy the refreshing and healthy lather from our All Natural, Herb Infused, Cold Pressed Soaps. Our soaps make wonderful gifts. Put a smile on someone’s face, even if it’s just yours.

What good is a bar of soap that looks pretty and smells nice but falls apart when you use it? We don't really think that works, either. So we made a better bar of soap, always cured for over 30 days to harden the bar and soften the lye for a gentle clean that lasts. You're worth it. We know it and so should you.


We start by infusing natural herbs with our top quality carrier oils for a month. This is how our soaps get their unmatched signature scents. When the scent has fully incorporated, we strain the loose herbs and continue on towards making our soap!

When it’s almost ready, we take another generous handful of the soap's scented herb and mix it well before we set it for saponification. In the end, this provides you with a gentle and All Natural exfoliant to compliment the scent you choose.

Our All Natural, Hand Crafted, Herb Infused, Cold Pressed Soaps come in a varity of enticing exfoliants and scents!

Our All Natural soaps are the best you can buy without putting the love and time of what we do, in to making it yourself.

Orange Aloe Cold Pressed Soap

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