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2500mg of pure CBD Isolate in every 30ml bottle of organic hemp oil. No extra flavoring, unnecessary alcohols, or additives.


We’ve done our research. We should probably charge more.

We could easily use less isolate and get away with mixing it in grain alcohol, or cheaper MCT oil, like most do.


Instead, we charge you LESS and we put in MORE pure isolate for the dollar. Does it sound like I’m yelling? Maybe I am. That’s how passionately I believe that CBD should be available, and affordable for the people who need it.


We choose to use the best ingredients possible, in order to make the best possible products, because Cloudwell means Quality. Now, it’s up to you to choose the best.


Free shipping to NJ, NY, PA, MA, SC,

& All Armed Forces, domestic & international.


Thanks for supporting our bees!


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