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Cold Process Soaps

The perfect bar of soap, every time. Pick up and enjoy any of our individually wrapped, cold process soaps. At over 5 ounces, and cured for a minimum of two weeks after cutting, they speak for themselves. It’s heavier and harder, and it smells better than an ordinary soap. It's not for decoration. It’s for the refreshing, long lasting deep-clean, that you deserve.   


From activated charcoal, to Lavender Flower Buds, our cold process soaps have something for everyone. We offer an unrivaled, all natural experience, of facial, body, and exfoliating refreshment options, featuring choices of oatmeal, sea salts, and herbal infusions! We're also firm believers that there's a scent for every nose. We cover that too, with a wide varitiy of fragrance and exfoliation options available.


Put a smile on someone’s face, even if it’s just yours when you unwrap your favorite Cloudwell Artisan Soap! If for some reason, you do feel like giving them away, our soaps also make wonderful gifts.


Free shipping to NJ, NY, PA, MA, SC,

& All Armed Forces, domestic & international.


Thanks for supporting our bees!

Cold Process Soaps


As with all our products, no returns are possible. Please email us for support and we will quickly and gladly work with you to resolve any issue.

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